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Saving Wallden is a Visual Pinball X original pinball table designed by Arelyel / HungryBay101 along with several other generous contributors.

Latest Version

Saving Wallden 0.0.5-alpha

11th November 2022

Please do not mod without the permission of Arelyel / hungrybay101 . I want to keep all useful changes a part of the original table at this time.

THIS TABLE IS NOT OPERATIONAL AS A FULL GAME YET! The purpose of 0.0.5-alpha is for others to troubleshoot lampz / light state controller and unexpected light reflections / rendering issues. Please leave me feedback and suggestions on improvement on one of the official threads for this table development, or let…

Lore in a Brief

You are an adventurer in the medieval era. Your quest is to save a town named Wallden who is under seige by numerous monsters. The "boss" destines to launch a full-scale invasion of the castle and overthrow the king and queen, seizing the entire town under a dictatorship and creating much bloodshed. You follow the guidance and training of an experienced guard and meet up with other comrades who will join you on your quest.

Are you the Chosen One and have what it takes to defeat the "boss" and their army of monsters? Find out in Saving Wallden!

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The main purpose of this website is to provide a thorough rules set explaining the game play of this table. You will also find Frequently Asked Questions and how to contribute to table development.


Please do not read the rules / game play pages on this website if you do not want them to be spoiled! For many, half the fun of a pinball game is discovering the features and game play yourself. However, these resources are there for those who want to learn about the table and what it has to offer.

Latest News


Streaming update

  • Posted 8th August 2022, 2:43 am
  • By

What happened with the Streams?

I had to cancel all of my streams over the last week due to numerous factors. Last week, I moved apartment units. The move was extremely rough as I had only a little help (and I cannot drive either, so I was physically walking a bunch of items down the street to my new unit during a Heat Advisory). I had to call off work for 2 days because of the move, resulting in the need for me to make up lost work hours.

0.0.1-alpha ready!

  • Posted 13th July 2022, 4:11 pm
  • By

Version 0.0.1-alpha of the table is ready and can be downloaded at Saving Wallden 0.0.1-alpha - Saving Wallden Pinball

This table is NOT OPERATIONAL! This is so people can download / test out the table layout, shots / flow, etc. and leave feedback / suggestions on improving.

Please leave feedback on the linked VPForums / VPUniverse threads on the download page. Thank you so much for helping make this an amazing…

Twitch Streams of Development; 0.0.1-alpha news

  • Posted 9th July 2022, 4:57 pm
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Table Development Streams

Development of Saving Wallden pinball began about a week ago! You can watch streams of the development on Twitch at Twitch . Currently, due to family matters on my end, there is not a regular stream schedule. I hope to make one within the next week or two.

0.0.1-alpha progress

Version 0.0.1-alpha is in the works. This version will not be a…